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Printing at ICERM

We have three public printers here at ICERM. All printers are available via wireless on Brown, Brown-Guest, and Eduroam. All printers support duplexing (double-sided printing).

Wipes are located at all printing stations. Please wipe down printers before and after using to maintain proper cleanliness standards.

ICERM Printers

Printer Hostname Location
11th Floor Copier Behind the reception desk on the 11th floor
10th Floor Laserjet A 10th Floor Print Room
10th Floor Laserjet B 10th Floor Print Room

Public Printing via Thin Clients

The Igel Thin Clients in the collaborative spaces on both the 10th and 11th floors provide open access to ICERM's printers.

Notes About Printing

  • All ICERM printers support duplex (double-sided) printing.
  • The ICERM printers use US LETTER/LTR 8.5×11 sized paper. Please choose this paper size when installing a printer or printing a document.
  • If you use a VPN, you must disconnect from your VPN to access the printers.
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