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Welcome to ICERM's wiki. Our intent is to use this site to provide a centralized repository of documentation and user guides for all of ICERM's technical systems, including internet access, printing, and computing resources.

If you are just arriving to ICERM, please take a moment to read through the rest of this page for a brief overview of the technical resources available.

Internet Access

Short-term/Workshop Visitors

For attendees of ICERM workshops and other short-term visits of less than two weeks, the Brown-Guest wireless network is available for use without a password. Please be aware that Brown’s guest wireless network is unencrypted and bandwidth is limited. You cannot access library resources and some other Brown resources using Brown-Guest, and some types of traffic are restricted.

The eduroam network is also available here at ICERM. Participants must set up eduroam first through their home institutions in order to use it at ICERM and other Brown facilities.

Long-term/Semester Visitors

All long-term visitors who will be at ICERM for at least two weeks are provided with a Brown account and ID card. Along with access to various Brown University services, this Brown user account will provide you with access to Brown's secure wireless network Brown. See the Wireless Access page for step-by-step setup instructions.

Printing & Scanning

Public Printing Terminals

Printing is available for visitors from the IGEL thin client terminals by the reception desk on the 11th floor and across from the 10th floor classroom. The thin clients will allow you to print from any website or from a USB drive. Basic instructions for using the thin clients are available in the IGEL Thin Clients section of this wiki.

Printing from your Laptop

ICERM's three public printers are also enabled for wireless printing and are accessible from the Brown, Brown-Guest, and eduroam wireless networks. Detailed information about our printers and their locations and capabilities are available on the printing overview page. In addition, operating system specific instructions are available for macOS, Windows 10, and Linux.


The ICERM copy machine (located behind the reception desk) is a multi-function copier that's able to scan papers to PDF and email them directly to you. Feel free to ask any staff for assistance with using the scanner.

Computing Resources

Office Technology

ICERM provides thin clients in all 10th floor offices as well as in the common areas for visitor use. The IGEL thin clients run a custom thin version of Linux and provide open access to a web browser, SSH terminal and printing capability. Thin clients in the 10th floor offices also have the Oscar VNC client available for access to the Oscar High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPC).

High-Performance Computing

Long-term visitors to ICERM are provided with an exploratory account on the Oscar high performance computing cluster maintained by Brown's Center for Computation and Visualization. Oscar access may also be provided to short-term visitors on a case-by-case basis with justification and advance notice. See the Oscar High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPC) section of this wiki for details on how to use Oscar.

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