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Welcome to ICERM's wiki. This site provides a centralized repository of documentation and user guides for all of ICERM's technical systems, including our virtual collaboration tools and computing resources.

With our current transition to virtual programming, we have updated the wiki with new guides on our Virtual Collaboration Tools, including Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars. Please take a moment to read through the rest of this page for a brief overview of the technical resources available.

Virtual Collaboration Tools

ICERM has a variety of virtual collaboration tools, software, and platforms to support our workshops and working groups. A short summary of each is below, with detailed information available on the Virtual Collaboration Tools page.

Zoom Video Conferencing

ICERM uses Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinar for workshop events. Visit the wiki's Zoom section for more info and our Meetings vs Webinars comparison.

Email/Text Chat Platforms

  • Slack ( an app and web-based communications and collaboration platform.
  • Zulip ( an open-source alternative to Slack.
  • Listserv: mailing lists are provided for long-term programs such as Semester Programs and Summer@ICERM.

Web-based Collaboration

Remote Computing Resources

Oscar High-Performance Computing

Participants of long-term ICERM programs (including Semester Programs and Summer@ICERM) are provided with an exploratory account on the Oscar high performance computing cluster maintained by Brown's Center for Computation and Visualization. Oscar access may also be provided to short-term participants on a case-by-case basis with justification and advance notice. See the Oscar High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPC) section of this wiki for details on how to use Oscar.

Oscar VNC Virtual Desktops

The Oscar cluster has an available virtual desktop (VNC) service available to all ICERM users with an Oscar account. The VNC service provides a full desktop for using apps like MATLAB and Mathematica remotely. See the VNC Login Instructions page for more information on connecting to a virtual desktop.

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